I hope to use this blog as a medium to share both my own thoughts as well as interesting content I discover during my web browsing.  It was created as an effort to consolidate all my web accounts and services into a single, sharable, summarize-able location.

The feeds on the right will contain my Flickr photos, Twitter updates, and Digg stories.  The stories from Digg will basically be any article I find on the web (from USA Today or other news-like sites) and want to send to the blog without posting an unofficial, user-made link.  Sending the items through digg and syndicated into the right-hand column of the blog is simply my effort to feel as though it was really worth sharing.

While my blog posts may consist of some of my own thoughts and ideas, I also plan on using that space to share interesting photos and videos I have stumbled upon from sites such as Flickr and YouTube.  These items will be under the category ‘Web Finds’ and are not my work.  Since interesting thoughts are a rare creation, I will disguise boring thoughts as interesting by inserting pictures I have taken with a brief discussion behind them.  This central panel will also serve as a space to describe my current projects in my hopefully ever-expanding technological sphere.

Topics from all these different soucres include, but are not limited to, Photography, Mathematics, Electronics/Gadgets, General Technology, Literature, and Travel.  I may reward myself bonus blogger points by combining any two or more of these categories, such as electronic literature (Note to self: post about the Kindle soon) or traveling mathematics (uh… why did the integral cross the road?  because he couldn’t derive!).

I hope you will find the content on the blog interesting, and, if I’m really lucky, slightly enjoyable.


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