Posted by: Tyler Green | 05/09/2011

502 Notes

In an effort to document my summer internship with CBS Interactive, I am going to start a list of 502 notes, in honor of my current area code.  There is a large chance I will never make it anywhere close to 502 items, and dropping the middle zero will provide a better estimate of total entries, but here goes nothing.

1. Downtown Louisville is totally empty on Derby Day.  This is great if you want to avoid traffic, but unfortunate if you want to be around excited people.  Or people at all.

2. Derby Day is treated as a state holiday, and therefore the public libraries are closed.  It is one of 8 days annually they are closed, and the first I attempted to visit.

3. It is fun to work in an office with higher-level corporate funding.  I showed up to the office today and they handed me a computer to set up out of a box and a telephone with my own work number.

4. I was greeted at my cubicle desk with a gator head, a gift from a co-worker and University of Florida graduate.  When he learned I was arriving from UK, apparently he couldn’t resist.

5. The KFC Yum! Center is not welcoming when you are touring during off-hours and with the arena lights turned off.  If a side door is unlocked though, there is no way I am not going to explore.

6. The Second Street bridge to Indiana is really long.  I walked across it just to say I did, and it took approximately 14 minutes one-way.  With the return trip necessary and my frequent stops for photos, this was a more time-extensive excursion than I had anticipated.

7. I had no idea what I was working on for most of my first day today, but somehow came away victorious.  After most of the others had left, I was able to follow some code models and successfully pull some info from a database just before bouncing.

8. I picked up my Louisville Free Public Library card today, and it fits nicely next to my Lexington Public Library card.  I may need another one soon though.  Owensboro?  Bowling Green?

9. Since I am in a different town than I have spent the entire rest of my life, I get excited every time I see someone wearing UK apparel, as if I were on vacation.  I have to quickly contain myself from commenting on their clothing as it is very normal to run into a Kentucky fan in… Kentucky.

10. I have passed several sports stores in malls and downtown and they all carry equal amounts of UK and U of L gear.  This seems pretty fair to me, but then I smile as I walk out remembering that sports stores do not carry U of L gear in Lexington.

More to follow.  Hopefully 492 of them.



  1. No. 8: Bowling Green!

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