Posted by: Tyler Green | 03/24/2011

The Importance of Talking

It is all too easy to decide that you do not want to talk to anybody who isn’t a friend during the course of the day, and for reasons very easy to understand.  I am starting to realize though just how beneficial it is to avoid this trap, and want to pursue it even further.

There are many different levels of conversations with people who we aren’t itching to have a conversation with, but the ones I have paid attention to recently are complete strangers (cash register workers, someone who holds the door open), acquaintances (someone from class who chats with you about the weather and basketball), and friends whose relationship with you is non-disclosing.  The third category might not seem to fit in the idea where you don’t look forward to talking to them, but I frequently have noticed that while these conversations are indeed pleasant, the non-disclosing property leaves both parties desiring a full-disclosure conversation (having a pleasant time finishing homework with a friend, but wanting to go laugh with your roommate about how your latest date went).

Even though these three categories vary widely by the person’s familiarity with you, the results are often very similar.  First, you often come away smiling at the fact that you enjoyed talking and being friendly with someone who might not have been your first choice of conversations.  Second, for at least a few minutes afterward, you aren’t thinking about the stresses that were occupying your mind before the conversation.  Both of these are absolutely huge to maintaining a positive outlook, the first providing a positive, and the second removing a negative.  The result: a worthwhile pursuit.

Of course this all fails is the person is extremely obnoxious, but judgment can be used up front to keep these situations short, while still trying to learn something from the conversation.  If nothing else, you can learn how to not be annoying.

While I don’t do it enough, when I have made the decision to talk to people in any of three categories, it never fails to put me in a better mood.  Hopefully, this consolidation of my thoughts will help me continue these efforts, and remind me that it really is worthwhile to say “Hello” to as many people as possible tomorrow.


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