Posted by: Tyler Green | 03/05/2011

Reading Wednesday: Check

I have not been reading a single book on consecutive Wednesdays yet this year. While this sounds like an awkwardly trivial stat to keep track of, it began as I would visit the public library each Wednesday this semester, and each time I would hope to be on a new book.

While I have recently fallen under busy times and library visits have dwindled, the streak has continued. This has been helped by my frequent starting of books on Thursdays to give the maximum reading time, and my absolute singularity of hobbies on the weekends. I will normally read about of quarter of a book during the week, and then absolutely knock it out on Friday and Saturday.

I’m sure my productivity in this area will dwindle sometime, but it has been going fairly strong since the end of October. I may follow up with another post sometime about how this has lead me to develop a singular hobby theory, but I’ll save that for another day. For now, I need to go read some more of A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson before bed.

P.S. – If you are interested, check out my reading list at

P.P.S. – As I was composing this on my phone, the bulb on my reading lamp would turn on and off every couple minutes. I noticed that my phone screen dimmed and brightened accordingly after these changes. It took me more than two months to figure out the trend behind these brightness changes, and it came as a result of a failing light bulb. No wonder every great discovery in science and engineering was an accident.


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