Posted by: Tyler Green | 02/27/2011

Making Memories

I’m sleeping on the floor tonight, and it’s going to be awesome. Maybe not tonight, but in a month or so, it’ll be unbeatable.

This is one of the main things I have learned about my favorite memories – they felt normal at the time. Not to say they weren’t fun experiences, but they didn’t feel as unique as when I look back on them. Only time and changing situations made them look that much better.

I slept on the floor (still on a mattress) for a week back in September, and it was pretty fun. Remembering it now, I don’t think about the homework or tests I had that week, or if I was tired, frustrated, or anxious. I remember being care-free enough to want to change up the sleeping norm. I remember falling asleep thinking about how cool what I was doing was. And with any luck, that us how I’ll look back on tonight.

This is the same fascination I have with traveling. I have so many great memories about being stress-free at some incredible places, memories that I really enjoy reminiscing about. Even though for each one of them, I felt pretty normal at the time, they provide great reflecting points throughout my daily life. These also motivate me to keep traveling to both have a great time, and to create some fantastic memories to keep me going in the future.

So that’s the lesson I’ve learned: if I enjoy it at all now, it’ll feel like the greatest thing ever looking back, and that is worth about anything.


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