Posted by: Tyler Green | 07/14/2010

Stadium Fanatic!

I have been working for the last month on a new stadium-based social network called Stadium Fanatic.  Here is the press release I wrote up for it in third person.  Please excuse the fact that I quoted myself, as it was the only way to sound official.  I hope you’ll check out the site at!

Do you love the rush you get as you step from the concourse into the heart of an enormous stadium?  Lexington web developer Tyler Green sure does, and he has created a new social network, Stadium Fanatic, to connect with other sports fans who feel the same.

“I’ve always enjoyed going around to ballparks, taking photos, and just experiencing the atmosphere, so I thought it would be a good idea to develop a place on the web where people could share those feelings,” says Green, whose site allows users to document and share their sports venue experiences.

Visits, comments, and photos are the main components to the social network.  Users are encouraged to mark stadiums in which they have attended an event as ‘Visited’, and watch their name climb the leaderboard as their number of visits increases.  Commenting on venues allows users to share their favorite experiences and offer suggestions for future visitors.  The final feature, sharing photos, Green feels is the highlight of the site.  “I could spend days browsing photos of stadiums.  Every venue is different and I think creating this community will help those who are interested explore them in ways they may not have been able to in the past.”

Outside of the online network, users are encouraged to use the hashtag ‘#AwesomeStadium’ when updating their Twitter accounts from a sports venue to group their updates with those of others.  The use of hashtags creates a live update stream and allows users, who are either at the same park or not, to read about the various stadium experiences occurring at that moment.

You can start connecting with Stadium Fanatics across the country today by visiting


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