Posted by: Tyler Green | 05/28/2010

Semester in Review

I know it is slightly belated, but I thought it would be a good idea to give a brief summary of the courses I completed this semester.

COM 101 – Introduction to Communications
Along with Intro to Psychology last fall, one of the best University Studies courses I think is available.  Content was extremely interesting, applicable, and was presented in an enjoyable manner.  The focus was on the content, not useless work.  Studying was necessary for exams, but aside from that, it was pleasant to listen to a fun, enlightening lecture.

EE 280 – Design of Logic Circuits
An absolutely outstanding course.  Introduced the hardware side of computers in an understandable fashion, covering a lot of content at a perfect pace.  Lectures contained a great balance between details to gain to knowledge and a discussion of how the topic fit into the big picture of technological design.

EE 281 – Logical Design Lab
Another outstanding course.  It was a load of work designing labs and writing reports, but the understanding of the logic concepts gained from this repetition was huge.  Provided valuable insight into designing logic through simple hardware and software utilities, and how to decide which is best for a particular situation.

MA 213 – Calculus III
A hodge-podge of topics that aren’t exactly found in layman’s terms.  Three dimensional surfaces, vector functions, and double and triple integrals do have their uses, but they were presented in a kind of shallow form.  Not extremely difficult, but definitely not my most rewarding course.

PHY 231 – General University Physics I
The stereotypical college course.  Covered a chapter every class or two and content was left completely up to the student to comprehend.  Could have been on purpose, but I felt the speed was too extreme to be even marginally effective.  I gained reasonable understanding of basic physics concepts, but as for the harder ideas in the course, I can show you were to find them in the book.

PHY 241 – General University Physics I Lab
Fortunately, not as much as a nightmare as rumored because of my reasonably grading TA.  Had a frustrating setup requiring massive reports, but the labs did provide exposure to analytic scientific comparison.  Each lab didn’t just have a single result, but rather two results for the same value measured using multiple techniques.  Once I learned to overlook the painstaking details, I did take away some error and result analysis skills.


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