Posted by: Tyler Green | 05/22/2010

A Tribute to Secretariat

Triple Crown season and the announcement of the new movie ‘Secretariat’ got me in the mood to revisit some old YouTube videos of one of the greatest Thoroughbreds ever to race.  I have small niches in history that really interest me and I read about over and over, and Triple Crown winners is one of them.

Secretariat owns the track record time for the length of 1 1/4 miles at the Kentucky Derby, is tied for the track record at 1 3/16 miles at the Preakness Stakes (though it is not recognized officially by Pimlico Race Course), and set the track and world record for 1 1/2 miles at the Belmont Stakes en route to a 31 length victory.  That kind of dominance is rarely seen in sports and recognizes an outstanding athlete, regardless of species.

This video of the 1973 Belmont Stakes shows what is considered as one of the greatest performances in sports history.  The race was called by Chic Anderson and includes the quote, “Secretariat is widening now!  He is moving like a TREMENDOUS machine!” The video is very powerful and definitely worth watching.

As we are now in our 32nd consecutive season without a Triple Crown winner, the mystique of the great Secretariat only grows larger.  We continue to wonder if there will ever be another racehorse who can even come close to matching the achievements of Secretariat.


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