Posted by: Tyler Green | 05/17/2010

Searching for an Electronic Identity

You may have noticed the URL to this blog is  On the right column, you can see that the usernames for my Flickr, Twitter, and Digg accounts are also tgreen8091.  With a very small number exceptions, my web presence is held under the name tgreen8091.

I have nothing wrong with this username, but I would definitely prefer to have or tylergreen at the majority of these websites.  A large number of my peers use user names in this format, so much so that I have repeatedly tried to make a Google Account under this name, all with the same negative response of ‘That user name is not available.’

Until I go to try to create usernames, I don’t think that Tyler Green is a very common name.  Once I do, everybody online must have that name.  My only explanation is that with a first and last name that both only have 5 letters, each specific combination of letters is more likely than for a longer name.  Thus, my only positive thought that I continue to cling on to is based on the idea of permutations, an Algebra II concept most students think has no practical purpose outside of being an automatic point-docker on exams.

I may have been successful in getting my desired username if I had found my obsession with the extra professional and conservative first.last format a few years earlier, but by the latter part of the first decade of the 21st century, all the Tyler Green’s had swiped them up.  At around age 9, I thought tgreen8091 was the coolest name ever, and now I have to remind myself of that frequently to stay satisfied.

Okay, so its really not that bad and I am very content to continue to exist as tgreen8091, but please briefly consider this to be an online buying and selling forum where I am putting forth this advertisement:

If there is any Tyler Green out there who wants to sell me his usernames for all the websites I use, please get in touch.  Appropriate rewards will be discussed at that time.


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