Posted by: Tyler Green | 05/04/2010

Dinner with President Todd

With Dr. Todd

I had a wonderful dinner at Malone’s yesterday evening with President and Mrs. Todd and the rest of the TallyCats Top 10.  It was one of those events where not all that much happened to make me enjoy it, but I came out afterward saying, ‘That was really fun!’.  Along with the first family was the Student Government President, a TallyCats Coordinator, a Director of Marketing, and a guy from Athletics.  The large table and restaurant atmosphere created a split conversation throughout the whole meal, but it was fun to interact with the professionals and see them in a not-so-tense atmosphere.  Since Dr. Todd used to be an Electrical Engineering professor at the university, we discussed my college and career path, as well as where I was looking for internships.  There was also conversations about possible improvements to the TallyCats program and the K Week events for next year.  While there were no bills being signed into law, it was neat to be at least a little apart of the decision making process.

The food was absolutely outstanding.  Since we were told to get anything we wanted, boy we all did.  As a group, we split appetizers of Onion Rings, Spinach and Artichoke Dip, and Calamari.  For my entree, I ordered Filet Medallions with Béarnaise Sauce and a Baked Potato.  For dessert, I tried an Apple Pecan Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream.  Fortunately for the Apple Crisp, I was stuffed from the steak and could not finish the dessert.  Others at the table got enormous Chocolate Chip Cookies and Colossal Chocolate Cake.  There was about a ten minute stretch where the only topics discussed were the size and excellence of the desserts.  I am fairly certain I have not been as full as I was near the end of dessert except for maybe a Thanksgiving dinner or meal on a cruise.  If you are ever looking for a fine dining experience, think no farther than Malone’s.

Malone’s is known for having signed menus framed on the walls from all the famous people who dine there, and a lot of them have UK connections.  Somebody in the group made it known that Dr. Todd had not yet signed a menu, and they set about getting it to happen.  I have pictures of the signing and am currently researching the best way to handle the rights to the images.  Once I reach a conclusion, I will definitely try and make them available for viewing, but since I feel it was, at least on my viewing scale, a historic event, I want to keep my photos secure.

Even after analyzing the event to write this, I don’t know what made it so fun, but I came out of dinner simply ecstatic at how neat of an experience it was.  Everyone was easy to talk to and created a really fun environment.  It was definitely an unforgettable night!


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