Posted by: Tyler Green | 04/30/2010

Super Sub Me

Almost everyone I have been around grimaces at the fact they have seen the documentary “Super Size Me” where the man eats nothing for McDonald’s for 30 days and watches his health deteriorate.  I am not trying anything nearly that strict or newsworthy, but I do have my own task to complete at Subway.  I have eaten Subway approximately twice a week at the Student Center this semester.  I originally made it my goal to try all of their subs, but quickly realized they only varied by a couple pieces of meat.  To fix this, I had a field day trying new combinations.  All five breads, four cheeses, and many of the sauces are now on my repertoire of sandwich eating.   I had given up on the sandwich goal, but I realized again recently that I am getting close and would like to finish this task.

Subway’s website divides their sandwiches into 4 groups: Jared’s Favorites, Classic Subs, Signature Subs, and Premium Subs.  I will now briefly outline where I am in each of those categories.  A comment indicates I have tried that sub.

Jared’s Subs
-Turkey Breast – Yep
-Turkey Breast & Black Forrest Ham – Very often
-Oven Roasted Chicken – Several times
-Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki – Went out on a limb and discovered to be pretty tasty
-Black Forrest Ham
-Subway Club – When I get bored with the plain ham and turkey
-Veggie Delight

Classic Subs
-Meatball Marinara – A time or two
-Italian BMT – Very recently, what re-inspired this goal
-Subway Melt – My very first favorite sub, back when it was called “Turkey, Ham, & Bacon Melt”
-Cold Cut Combo – Yes and disappointed, either they left of a couple types of meat or all the processed-ness made them seem identical
-Spicy Italian

Signature Subs
-Roast Beef – Had for lunch today for first time
-Chicken & Bacon Ranch – Yes on an interesting trip: a chicken tray was low so I got some bonus Tuscan Chicken, but then they forgot the bacon, but I didn’t care after I got a free cookie at the checkout though

Premium Subs
-The Big Philly Cheesesteak
-The Feast

Unfortunately, this online menu does not represent all of the possible sandwiches and I know the ones I have tried not on this list include: Steak & Cheese, Chicken Cordon Bleu Melt, Chicken Marinara, and Tuscan Chicken Melt.  For this goal, I will focus only on the standardized, national items.

The thing that is good and bad is the name of the sub only determines the meat.  There is no obligation to but Sweet Onion sauce on the Chicken Teriyaki or Ranch on the Chicken & Bacon; those are just suggestions.  This makes it fun to always make your own sandwich, but sometimes I want to have what other people think is good.  This is where I would like to walk in and order a whole package instead of always discriminating towards my taste and ending up with the same boring thing.

This post is largely for my own organization, to serves as a place to reference my current standing and enjoy trying new foods.  I know I’m not doing anything heroic or historic like training to swim the English Channel or climb Mt. Everest, but we all have little things we do for fun and this is one of mine.   Any hey, what good is a blog if it the author tries to filter out the quirky things in their life.  This is also my first post in a long, but spread out future series about lists of items that I would like to accomplish.

The counts from the list above indicate I have tried 11 different subs and have 7 remaining.  This stat is hurt by the extra 4 I mentioned that didn’t make it onto the national menu.  I am not to excited about trying just plain Ham or the fat-laden Feast, but I’m in it to win it and pretty soon I will be a Subway connoisseur.


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