Posted by: Tyler Green | 04/29/2010

Lots of Events, Part II

I have just begun to make an effort to ad tags to all my posts to make them more discoverable in search engines, and I immediately I noticed a difference.  My last post about serial communication had the tag ‘FPGA’, and over the weekend I received about 20 total hits from where my post had been added to a list of FPGA related blog posts.  Apparently their site uses a web crawler to search for appropriate tags and route them into their site.  This will definitely reinforce my use of tags and, who knows, I may even tag everything with ‘FPGA’ and then claim I was referring to a different definition of that acronym.

A couple things I forgot to mention about the tennis tournament on Friday: it seemed like all the coaches spoke different languages and players downed bananas during every break in play.  I know that UK’s assistant coach (who is a native of France) was obviously speaking French when talking to one of his players (who was also Frenchman), but several of the other coaches either spoke so quickly or something that it sounded like every player and coach there was international.  I don’t know if this was actually to communicate effectively or if part of the motivation behind this was to hide meaning from opposing coaches and players.  Either way, I had no idea what anybody was talking about.  It was also interesting to watch the banana eating contest Kobayashi would have been proud of at each stop in play.  The Gatorade chugging was expected, but you don’t see the solid foods like that go down at many other sports.

Blue/White Spring Game

On Saturday, the spring football training season concluded with the annual Blue/White Game.  This Football Preview Game in the Afternoon (FPGA, right?) was about as exciting as the normal curve-shaped crowd indicates.  Alabama has manage to get 90,000 at their spring games for the past several years, but then again they could be described as a little more of a football school that UK.  A piped-in national anthem immediately indicated this wasn’t an official game and so did the wacky score keeping and punt formations.  This scrimmage pitted the offense against the defense and points were rewarded for unusual things like first downs, interceptions, and Gatorade dumps.  Okay, the last one would have been really excessive for a spring game.  Luckily this was not an actual scored item or a post-scrimmage action.  When the defense came up with a stop, they earned a couple points, flipped sides, and the offense went at again.  Saving the key play-makers from injury resulted in a modest offensive showing, but its always good to get back out and watch some football.

UK Softball

The next morning, I headed straight over to the UK Soccer – Softball Complex to some of a softball double-header.  I caught the second half of the first game, the Senior Day festivities in between, and the start of the second game.  As you can tell, I was practically on top of home plate in the only seat I could find as the stadium was filled with local softball teams.  The sun was out and pictures were vivid and as expected, the girls cheered their teammates on in much more interesting ways then boy’s teams do.  The program has to be fairly new (I think it started sometime in the 90s), because all five of the seniors had “rewritten the record books during their time at UK”.  The team bond was obviously strong and hugs between teammates and family went on for minutes.  It was fun to watch, and the game was pretty interesting too.  The sport is not dominated as my by the pitchers as baseball is, and this lead to many more hits and runners on base.

Drake Concert

Tuesday night, Drake came to Memorial Coliseum.  He brought along two other small groups who each did their short gigs to the couple people who were interested, but there was a bunch of downtime in between all the routines.  For the 8:00 ticket, Drake actually came out at 10:10.  The crowd of college students was pretty antsy and it would not have been a pretty scene had the start been pushed back even further.  Once it began though, everyone loved the hour and 20 minute concert.  It would definitely have been advantageous to be familiar with more of his music than I am, but it was still fun for the few songs I knew and to watch everybody else get excited for every song.  Concerts and the excitement at them are not everyday experiences and I’m glad I witnessed this.  The especially cool moment was when Drake brought the UK Basketball team up onto the stage with him.  Combining multiple areas of interest into the single event made the crowd go wild in a unique roar.  This picture is not the most colorful I took, but I like the silhouettes in the foreground and the sharpness of the whole scene.  I shot most of the night in Manual mode and had a fun time controlling the underexposure of my images.

I think the events are winding down for the end of the semester, but I have had a lot of fun recently.  NBC’s Bob Costas is speaking in Memorial Hall tonight for something about Sports Journalism.  I’ll almost always go see someone I’ve heard of (i.e. – RFK Jr. last fall) and them being free on my campus on a Thursday evening is the perfect situation.  I’ve always loved Free Public Gathering Activities…


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