Posted by: Tyler Green | 04/23/2010

Lots of Events, Part I

I have had a really eventful week!

Unfortunately, the Little Kentucky Derby Balloon Glow was canceled due to impending severe weather last Friday, so I didn’t have a chance to figure out what the heck the LDK was supposed to be or to take some up-close pictures of hot air balloons.

UK Baseball

Last Saturday, I attended my first UK Baseball game against Florida.  I had been thinking I would go to more this semester, but as it came time for each one, I always found an excuse to stay home.  I scheduled this one early and actually looked forward to it.  Even though there was about ehh… maybe 68,000 less people there than at a football game, it still had fall football feel when I put on some layers and headed over to the ballpark on the beautiful Saturday evening.  It’s too bad I’m not more into baseball than I am, but I still really enjoyed the ballpark.  I only lasted three innings in my seat before I walked around for a couple, purchased my traditional home team logo-marked baseball, and headed back to the dorm.  The fact that I was able to find a souvenir that fit in one of my already established collection less than 400 yards made it feel even more like an actual planned big-time event.   Here is a picture of the field before the game started.  Somehow, my phone’s camera captured this shot very vividly and it actually turned out to be a better exposure than any I got off my Canon.

Mary Poppins

On Tuesday, I boarded a bus with about 20 other members of the campus and city community for a road trip up to the live production of Mary Poppins at the Aronoff Center in downtown Cincinnati.  The traveling group consisted of about 8 pairs of girls, 1 pair of older women, 1 boy with a girl, 2 middle-aged Hispanic men, and me.  Not what I was hoping for, but about what I expected.  I ended up talking with the Hispanic men and learned some neat things about the differences in strengths between those with science/engineering minds and those with arts minds.  The souvenir stand had a Mary Poppins key chain and I quickly snatched this up to add to my collection.  The picture shows the theatre soon before the play began, and as they dimmed the lights, it brought me great joy to be doing something so out of my routine.  It seems like most of the time I realize I am thinking, I am lying in bed.  To have a thought and look up to be in a theatre for a live production in Cincinnati was a great experience.  The musical was fantastic and had a lot of fun dance scenes.  All the actors and crew really did a great job to make such a lively show.  On the way home, I enjoyed watching the drive out of downtown across the river and was reminded of my love for traveling.  To be able to have the experience on a Tuesday night during a semester of college was great.

SEC Tennis Tournament

Today, I went out to buy some milk and ended up at the SEC Men’s Tennis Tournament, hosted at the Hilary J. Boone Tennis Complex on South Campus.  Well, I had the intention of just seeing if it was really happening and getting milk on the way back, but I ended up staying past closing time for the convenience store.  It was fun to walk two minutes, pay two dollars, and witness a college conference tournament, regardless of the sport’s lower standing on the spectator totem pole.  At first, it seemed like I was the only one not wearing some sort of an athletic department issued lanyard pass, so I decided to sit in the most comfortable seat I could find and hope more fans arrived.  I watched the end of a singles match between Florida and Mississippi State where I took this picture.  Center court has elevated seats and the front row is a spectacular view.  You really get to witness the power and especially spin the guys put on the ball from this angle.  Next, two UK players played their respective singles matches against Ole Miss, and though both came up short, it was fun to watch and cheer them on.

Tomorrow, I hope to go to the Blue/White Spring Football game in Commonwealth Stadium, barring any major rain cancellations.  I’m going to try to catch some of the UK Softball game on Sunday because this is their last weekend in town this season and on Tuesday, Drake is coming to Memorial Coliseum.  All three should be pretty fun.

Some concluding thoughts: I did ask at the SEC tournament and they did not have key chains, but two out of three events in the middle of the school  year is a very high percentage of adding to collection-adding activities.  All of these pictures were from my phone, so I know they are not spectacular.  They do a good job of telling the story and fit in my pocket better at all times than my Canon.  I’m really enjoying all these activities I am inserting myself into and look forward to continuing to add to my list of neat experiences.  Part II to follow in the coming week.


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