Posted by: Tyler Green | 04/17/2010

Finally a Following

I never collected Pokemon cards.  I did not read any of the Harry Potter books until very recently.  I never watched shows such as Survivor, American Idol, or Lost.  If the Sooners were traveling across Oklahoma, I would certainly be getting left behind, because I have never been on the (band)wagon.

Now, I am watching Bones on Fox on a weekly basis.  Now, finally, I am watching a show enough to know there is a plot above the casual conflict that is both presented and solved weekly in the 44 minute time slot.  Now, I have something to look forward to weekly: watching either on Hulu or on a device that I have begun to forget about as a college student – the TV.

With my lack of followings came a lack of conversations.  Everybody around me always discussed whether Harry this or Harry that or if so and so were going to get off the island in this week’s episode of Lost.  I could never figure out why, but conversations never seemed continue with vigor or recur weekly if I brought up items such as bicycles or bread.  Just because those had long been staples of American society, it seemed as though there was nothing new to talk about concerning these items.  Little did my peers know, but the men of centuries ago would have paid big bucks for sliced bread, if they even believed its existence.  Some may have even stolen for it, just ask Jean Valjean.  This seemed like plenty of history and change to keep a lively conversation going on these topics, but I could tell my interests were on the outside looking in at popular culture.

Even though Bones is not the ‘talk of the town’ or even close to the most popular show on television, it gives me an answer to the question, “Well then, what do you watch?”  I have traditionally only answered UK sports and this confirmed for the listener that I was, indeed, a very boring person.  The answer, “No, I don’t follow American Idol, but I catch every week of Bones” is a whole level of interesting above the UK sports answer and I am proud to possess it as truth.

I make this change not only to fit in though – I very much enjoy the show.  I am excited to experience the thrill that comes with a great surprise in the season finale or to feel as though all hope is lost when a show’s renewal request is denied.  Even without discussing it, hobbies are fun for their personal satisfaction.  The fact that this brings both public and private satisfaction makes it all the better.

I am currently catching up by watching all the available episodes online and will soon be looking for a place to watch the seasons in a cheap manner.  Even when its not the most popular thing in existence, followings are fun, and follow I will.


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