Posted by: Tyler Green | 04/15/2010

Wanted: Interesting Motivation

I have begun to realize that blogging requires topics.  Pretty revolutionary idea, I know, but it is something that stumps me frequently.  For now, I will continue with the cell phone photo narrative of my life all while searching for interesting those rare ideas that are not event prompted and do not required pictures to make a complete post.

One solution to my non-professional self-inspired photo-journalism lull is to simply do stuff.  I can’t cleverly describe things I’ve done if I haven’t done anything.  This gives me the motivation to find interesting activities both so that I have something enjoyable to do and so that I have something interesting to write about afterward.  The perfect example of this is my photo-expedition a few weeks ago.  I looked forward to getting out and taking some pictures and having fun writing about it afterward.

I have compiled a list of events in the upcoming weeks that should provide some enjoyable experiences and interesting blog/photo posts:

1. Little Kentucky Derby Hot Air Balloons – No idea what to expect here.  I feel as though no one on campus knows about this, but I’ll still go see if these large inflatables make for some interesting photographs and try and figure out what this event has to do with the Derby.
2. UK Baseball – When I finally do decide to go, hopefully it won’t go into extra innings.
3. UK Softball – Completing my obligations as a sports-aware student.  Should be interesting to observe their team spirit – always surprisingly different than the mens’ sports.
4. Mary Poppins on Broadway in Cincinnati – Photo Rights are still in jeopardy – may be a text-only description.  Listed on the Student Activities Board calendar as ‘Mary Poppins Road Trip’.  Considering I have made an effort to watch all of the major musicals (live or filmed) in order to be well-educated and I have been itching for road trips for several years now, I had practically purchased my ticket before I realized I don’t know anyone else going.  SAB sure targeted me with that title.
5. Drake in Concert – Could well be my first concert.  Decently well-known artist now with UK basketball ties on my campus – I couldn’t really pass up this opportunity.  Definitely not my favorite artist, but I don’t have a favorite artist, so it should be a fun event.

Hopefully this list will continue to both grow and roll over.  Making a list of events and deciding day of that you aren’t really than interested and would be satisfied to sit at home and refresh USA Today online is not a fun and I hope to avoid this.  If I’m lucky, pictures and great stories to follow!


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