Posted by: Tyler Green | 04/10/2010

Weekend Notes

The signals sent to and from the line-sensing car on Thursday were actually transmitted using a Cat-5 cable (commonly called Ethernet cable) with the ending connectors removed.  Each individual wire out of the bundle had to be place in the correct place in the line-sensing and the motor driver circuit.  It is always neat to use something out of context and this leads to an increased level of understanding.  While I don’t comprehend nearly all of the things covered in the lab, it has been a great experience.  Now to finish the last two lab reports…

William T. Young Library

Here are some pictures from around campus that were taken on my phone.  First is the blooming tulips in front of the William T. Young Library sign and… library.  The lighting is very average and flat, but the shot is taken from a decent angle and for a quick phone shot, I was pleased.  I should also be satisfied because until I start renting sightseeing helicopters as a hobby, this is the most interesting angle you can get on this massive campus landmark.  I would like to see the original blueprints and listen in to the discussion meetings, “Okay, we want something that looks like a big octagon to put in that field.”  “You know we do need a place to put some books.”  “Yeah, okay, we’ll build a big library.”

View from Lab

This is the view from the my digital logic circuits lab.  It is on the 5th floor of the F. Paul Anderson Tower and has a great view looking north of Patterson Office Tower and even some of downtown Lexington.  While it is only on the 5th floor, it is still enough to get you higher than most buildings on campus.  It makes me feel like I’m doing something important by going to a room high up like that for a lab.  Even though it is only a little more than a quarter of the way up POT in floor count, I enjoy the view every week.  Well, except for two weeks ago when the was no view because the morning sun (it is an 8 AM lab) bit visicously into the room where the blinds did not function.  Anyway, this sounds boring, but it’s a neat window.


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