Posted by: Tyler Green | 04/02/2010

Campus Photo Expedition

I took advantage of the gorgeous weather this afternoon by trekking across campus for a photo-shoot.

Water Tower Flowers

Water Tower Flowers

My first stop was the Arboretum, the State Botanical Garden of Kentucky.  I snapped several decent shots including this one with the timeless baby-blue UK water tower in the background.  Besides having an interesting foreground and an background, the middle ground really adds to the photo.  Were it not for that shrub, this would be a completely average photo.  There is also nice contrast between the fresh soil and the shrub that initially goes unnoticed.  I did have to pick which of the two flowers to focus on, but choosing the one to the left creates a nice balance for the whole image.  Overall, I am pleased for the result, especially after sitting on my head for around ten minutes unable to see the camera screen.

Memorial Hall Tulips

Memorial Hall Tulips

I then waded over to the academic part of campus in hopes of catching some shots of both blooming flowers and some of the classic buildings.  I repeatedly snap camera phone pictures of these buildings when the lighting is neat, but these never fully satisfy my thirst.  Now that I had my real camera, nothing could hide anymore.  I got some photos of Patterson Office Tower and Memorial Coliseum with no real keepers, and after learning that the layout of top floors of POT did not lend themselves to hosting aerial campus photographs, I was a little disappointed.  I almost skipped Memorial Hall, but it is such a classic landmark I couldn’t resist.  Good thing I gave in, because I happened across these tulips behind the chapel that happened to house my 520-person Intro to Psychology Class last fall.  Sports side note: The photo of John Wall airborne that was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in December was taken inside those stained glass windows.  Returning to photography: After some more photographing on my head hoping the building was in the picture, I turned up with this quite pleasing picture.  This photo contains several different bright, rich, contrasting colors.  Definitely made the scenic academic tour worthwhile.

This was a fun outing and I think one of my breakthroughs in photography to this point.  Several times I have wanted to go out and get a good picture and always end up disappointed.  Today, yes, I was aided by the blooming of the flowers, but I accomplished just what I wanted: went out and took some good photographs.  It also makes for a better story than how long it took me to count my dorm ceiling tiles.  Can’t wait to snap some more photos!



  1. These photos are excellent & belong in a UK recruit catalog.

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